Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's PPF Reading


God is saying I was unsatisfied because my wishes were not being fulfilled. I had unrealistic expectations and put little actual work into making my dreams materialize. This card might also refer to my over indulgence in drugs and food in the past which are two temptations I have had great problems with. Satisfying my bodily desires at the expense of future gains is a sure road to ruin.
 There was a feeling of emptiness. Cups is the suit of feeling, of water.


This is a good sign!
I am getting a feel for what my true goals in life are but I must continue on in that path of discovery. I hold in my right hand the world and in my left the wand. I should let my intuition guide me towards the right choices.
 In regards to accomplishing my true goals I should be patient and continue on my journey comforted in the knowledge that if I remain focused I will continue down the right road.


If I don't watch myself God is telling me that I will fall back into the great inward conflict that has dogged me for years. In my despair I may avoid taking responsibility for my own actions and blame others or I may blame the Archon Fate.
 I MUST MUST MUST Guard against this. I've made a lot of progress in the last few months but It will all coming to nothing if I get bogged down in self-hate,shame,and irresponsibility.
 Where I can not make amends for past actions I must let go. The past is dead. God told me in a dream once to live in the present and thats exactly what I must do.

Praise the Unknown Father of All! Amen.

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