Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's PPF Reading

I am still learning so don't laugh and remember that the cards ultimately only have whatever meaning you give them. Before I get into my reading let me explain my process in brief.
 The Past-Present-Future three card spread is not meant to be used for general readings but as I am still learning it provides an easy way for me to get familiar with the cards and not get bogged down in learning complex spreads at this point.
 I ask the Unknown Father of All to give me guidance and then I shuffle. When I'm done shuffling I lay the stack out in three piles going from right to left and reveal the cards in a linear fashion one at a time.
 My belief in the cards has to do with my belief in the collective subconscious. I do use the common meanings as a ruff guide but my challenge is to fill in the cracks. When I do this its as if God is speaking to me.
 So my readings are in part based on chance and in part based on my imagination. Taken together they usually give me a good idea of what God is trying to tell me in general. While this is not a purely traditional method it has greatly enriched my life.

God is telling me that I learned to take the long view and plant seeds that will grow and bloom into the sweetest fruit over time. I was no longer looking for short term gains but rather I was investing in my long term future. I took time to find those areas in my life that needed the most work but would pay off the most by being tended to like my mental health and spirituality and forgot superficial nonsense. This card indicates that it was frustrating at times but God is saying what I started in the recent past will pay off!

God is saying I am at a very good point in my life. I have suffered greatly ,mostly due to my Ego, but Transformation is at hand. I have to believe that it is possible though and that it is in fact happening in this moment right now. Old bad memories are burning in the fire of the Unknown Fathers light and no longer are in the way of my ability to be happy.
I MUST listen to my Divine Spark within and be open to change in this time.
This card has eight stars each with eight points. As a Gnostic this reminds me of the seven levels of Heaven. The eighth point being the Pleroma itself,the Divine oneness above the Heavens which Gnostics strive to become one with.
Needless to say this card is a very good sign!

Exciting! God is telling me that there is going to be great fulfillment for me soon. Because the card is reversed its only just beginning in the near future but in the long term it will be nothing short of amazing. Not only will my cup over flow with living spiritual water but the card indicates that God has a relationship in my future. True love,whether romantic or platonic,is coming! Super Exciting!

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