Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lion in the Mirror

 My ego gets in the way of my happiness and growth as a human being.

The Major Arcana is called the Fool's Journey and since I use the tarot everyday I am reminded that that's exactly what I am. A fool on a journey.

I stubble off the path to enlightenment lost in the egos quest for glory swallowed by illusion,

"What am I telling you?
All at once the living die.
How do they live in illusion?
The rich become poor,
kings are overthrown,
everything changes.
The world is illusion."

-The Treatise on Resurrection 48:19-23

My ego thinks that I can change the world ,as Ive often said my mind has a mind of its own, bu
t then its malformed defense mechanisms don't allow me to do anything and I suffer having not met my own standards. In regards to one of my unfortunate counterproductive passions ,politics, that's good because any success in that arena would only lead me further into illusion.
In regards to relationships it is a horrible curse because there's nothing more real than love after all God is love.

I can only change myself.

I can only pick myself up,dust off the ego,and continue my journey humbly walking with God.

There is a lion in the mirror but that lion is ready to pounce and eat me alive.

Always remember that I have NOTHING to teach you. I am a sower of seeds not a creator of dogma's.

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  1. Very good William. Something to think further on.