Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Unity of Opposites

"The One is the all."
I use to think I had a fractured personality but I know now that the illness is in thinking that the shadow and the light are separate.

There can be no light without darkness.

They must merge,there must be an alchemical transmutation.

We are flux and we are constant. We do good and bad and we are both. We regress and progress and are always doing both.

We are a unity of opposites or else we are completely broken.

"Light and darkness, life and death, right and left are mutually dependent; it is impossible for them to separate. Accordingly the 'good' are not good, the 'bad' are not bad, 'life' is not life, 'death' is not death."

-Gospel of Philip

"What am I telling you?
All at once the living die.
How do they live in illusion?
The rich become poor,
kings are overthrown,
everything changes.
The world is illusion."

-The Treatise on Resurrection

The illusion (or in my case delusion) of multiplicity shall completely vanish once I come to KNOW the true reality.

The very moment the black head of the snake eats his white tail individuation and eternity has come.

We are all part of the One,All things emanate from the One but I only believe that now. I will KNOW it one day through experience with the help of Chri
stos and Sophia.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot: The Moon

My meditation for this week from "The Fool's Pilgrimage: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot" is on the Moon card and the 29th path on the Tree of Life from Malkuth to Netzach,

"May I hear the call from on high! Through the tumult and confusion of  the lower worlds, the voice of my Father calls to me from afar. May I never cease to heed this call and rally to the banner of my inward Lord, as the battle of life rages. The Lord of my soul reigns above the waterfloods: He will remove all delusion and confusion from me. I shall stop, listen, and be silent, in order to hear the voice. Louder than the thunder of the falling waters is the still, small voice that resounds from the distant place. I hear thee, O voice above all voices! I heed thee, O call before all calls!"

 Now while I'm sharing these meditations with you the book has a lot more including a great beginners guide to the history,meaning,and use of both the Tarot and the Kabbalah plus card descriptions, illustrations,key phrases,and mottos with every meditation. Also included is a CD of the meditations set to music which I ripped and put on my mp3 player for further reflection.

 Its really an excellent book that when meditated on I know leads to Gnosis. I can't recommend it enough!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We All Need Some Light

"...We all need some light now
We all need some light now
Yes, we all need some light now
Turn on your light and wash the darkness away!"

I am the Walrus

 Zen Koans and contradictory Gnostic statements like those found in "The Thunder,Perfect Mind" try to knock us out of our linear naturalistic thinking and if they do we at least temporarily reach a higher state of consciousness.

Absurdities found in Discordianism might also serve a similar function.

Paradoxical statements (and possibly absurdism) offer a way to get a glimpse of God for He* is incomprehensible.

On the Fool's journey the blind  fool slowly becomes the Holy Fool. The Holy fool ,a mystic who has reached a high level of union with God which I personally equate with a higher level of consciousness, often speaks in paradoxes that the uninitiated consider foolish.

 We Gnostics give God titles and describe his lower emanations but we can not comprehend the Unknown Father. At best we can call him the light and describe his many gifts to us like love,mercy,happiness, and knowledge but none of these things are the Unknown Father.

We recognize that if we describe him and give him a name we limit him and our God is beyond limits.

 Our feeble material minds don't have the power to comprehend these things rationally but the wonder of our religion is that we can reach higher states of consciousness and experience him by listening to our Divine Spark within!

Try reading and mediating on some of these works yourself:

"The Thunder,Perfect Mind"

99 Zen Koans

Discordian Quotes

Now maybe I'm wrong about all this but if I am then I'm right!

*Remember that even the male descriptions that we give our God such as "he","father",and "him" are merely titles. God is beyond sex. The ancient Gnostics described "him" as androgynous for this reason.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's Card: The Devil

Not being partisan here because I don't care for either Obama or Romney but the present card in my regular PPF tarot reading today was the devil. Now its true that I've only been using the Tarot for a few months but still this is the first time Ive EVER drawn the devil card in a reading.

Can this be a coincidence?

 I think not.

Monday, November 5, 2012

You're a Prophet and I'm a Prophet.

Ive had visions in the Jungian sense,visions of such wonderful beauty,active imaginings that came from nowhere. Ive tried to write them down in something I call the "Exegesis on the Labyrinth" but it did not work out.

Maybe i'll try again.

Some orthodox Christians say that gnostics are elitists but then those same Christians think that only a few chosen elect can obtain prophecy,have visions,and dream dreams.

I'm here to tell you that many gnostics like me think we're all prophets,all visionaries,all dreamers.

We can write our own gospels and live our own myths. The canon never closed.

The power is inside us all,we need only awaken!

"Who looks outside dreams,who looks inside awakens!"
-Carl Jung

Homage to the God of Light

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Quick Word on Moral Laws

I think that if we do good because we fear the wrath of a god or if we do good solely to obey a god's law than we are not really good.

I don't put much stock in mosaic laws including the ten commandments and not just because the demiurge is not my father.

  What I do put stock in and hope to accomplish is the raising of my consciousness to a level where I do good without thinking about law or wrath or anything at all.

I think an entirely unconscious predilection to do the right thing is the state of being a truly good person.

It comes not from fear of divine punishment or a desire to be a spiritual slave but rather from an inner peace that radiates an outward love.

I do not claim to be anywhere near that level but I do feel that I have gotten better and will continue too so long as I stay on the path of the Fool's journey!

Gnosticism and Christianity are Inseparability Entwined

"Historically and geographically speaking, Gnosticism developed at the same time and in the same places as early Christianity, with which it was, and remained, entwined-Palestine, Syria, Samaria, and Antolia, and later, Ptolemaic Egypt. Since the deciphering of the Dead Sea Scrolls, it has become apparent that at least some elements of the Gnostic tradition go back to the Essenes. The theory of some scholars that ascribed the origins of Gnosticism to Iranian or even Indian influences has now been largely discredited. The land of Middle Eastern spirituality-with its visionary apocalypticism and revelations, its messianic fervor, and its mystical and ascetic communities-are now assumed to be the cradle of Gnosticism."

-Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing pgs. 93-94