Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Dream...

 "We are so captivated by and entangled in our subjective consciousness that we have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions."
 - Carl Jung, "The Symbolic Life."

In what I remember of my dream the night before last I was trying to run away from something or more likely someone. I ran up and down staircases that lead to dead end rooms in a cavernous building that reminded me at once of a sanitarium and also my dead grandparents house.
 Not all staircases lead to rooms sometimes just to walls but the room I remember had an old antique desk and filing cabinets with papers and old timey office supplies strewn about. It reminded me of the 1930's.
  In this Winchesteresque behemoth I eventually went down a long hardwood stairs with a wobbly but well polished old hand rail and found myself on one side of a poorly lit football field sized sandbox room with doors on the other side. The floor was literally all sand,white sand and the ceiling was high above,as high as a gymnasium. It was lit only by one window on the left hand side and natural light from beyond some of the opposite sides doors.
 The whole building seemed to be lit by only natural light.

 Now there is a lot of symbolism here,a lot of deep meaning. Much of it is quite obvious.
 Through my dreams and the cards God is telling my something quite profound lately,in general its a warning.
  Personally my greatest challenge as a Gnostic is to not forget my dreams.

Dreams are very important because God speaks to us through dreams always,every single night...

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