Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Age of Antichrist

The enlightenment revealed great knowledge about the physical world. Unfortunately it also brought about materialism and spiritual death.

The Gnostics teach that there are three fundamental kinds of people,
The Hylic (Material),the Psychic (Psychological),and the Pneumatic (Spiritual).

With the enlightenment came a emphasis on the Hylic, to a lesser extent the Psychic, and a total denial of the Pneumatic.

Why do p
eople wait days in line braving the cold rain/snow for the latest ipad or sometimes get trampled to death in pursuit of whatever trinket on BLACK friday?*

Because materialism is the new religion.

Due to this development  I feel sad for my fellow man because I know from personal experience that owning more and more stuff does not lead to happiness but despair.

In the Tarot the representation of materialism is the devil card.

The devil card has a pentacle pointing down.

The pentacle pointing down according to the famous white magician Eliphas Levi means mater over spirit.

Whether we know it or not materialism is the philosophy of the left hand path, of the devil himself.

Therefore I think it can be rightly surmised that this is an age of antichrist.

Just as the Jews have decided that a messiah must come in an age rather than in a person so many of us Gnostic Christians believe that along with the incarnation of the Aeon Christos came an age of faith called Pisces. That age is coming to an end and with it I believe we have temporarily transitioned to an age of antichrist.

Thankfully this dying of the old age of faith that comes with evil returning will soon give way to the Age of Aquarius,the age of Magic! An age when people will want more than mere faith but will also turn away from satan,turn away from materialism!

* Do not let the symbolic name of this satanic holiday go unnoticed. It may be entirely unintentional but they call it BLACK Friday for a reason.

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