Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Simple Gnostic Ritual and Prayer for All Hallows Eve

A short simple ritual and prayer for the departed Saints who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven for this All Hallows Eve.

Light a big candle with three wicks or alternatively three candles.

When using thee candles it is preferable that the middle one be slightly taller than the others representing the Unknown Father and the two be side by side representing Christos and Sophia his consort but this is hardly necessary.

 As you light the first wick say,"Nous" the second "Christos", and the third "Pistis Sophia" .

Then Pray:

"Great Invisible Spirit and Holy Mother Barbelo, guide and watch over the spirits of all those who have departed from the World of Forms, and establish them in the communities of the realms of unity and perfection."

*Sign of the Cross* Nous, Christos, Pistis Sophia. Amen.

(Alternatively say your own prayer.)

All Hallows Eve is also Samhain and its a good idea after this little ritual of respect to consider not only the dead Saints but also the dying year and its beginning of transformation into a new year reborn.

As I said in the last post this is a time for deep transformation and remembering those who have transformed before us!

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