Monday, October 29, 2012

A Blind Fool Learning to See

I see my ego manifest everywhere.

For example I unconsciously make snarky comments in facebook threads when issues that are dear to me are attacked but I consciously know that I DON'T know all there is,that the reasons people form certain opinions that I may not like are varied because life is complicated. The wise man remains silent.

In information heavy conversations involving statistics,meanings of words, possible motivations,historical events e.t.c. there I might know better than another but often I really haven't formed a solid conscious opinion one way or the other in regards to the broader issue yet I still make a snarky comment. Even an overtly angry comment.

These comments are a reflex of my ego and made without thinking. If I thought very carefully about everything I said and reflected on where my anger came from before hand I would likely not say anything at all.

The good news is that now this is much less common for me and its getting a little less so everyday still I have this overwhelming feeling that the choice of having a facebook page or a blog at all is ego driven.

I must deny my ego control if I am ever to get well and unite with divinity.

I am just a blind fool on a journey towards becoming a Holy Fool.

I am just a man at the roots of the Tree of Life climbing up the trunk towards the Crown.

I am just a Gnostic searching for the Divine Spark within.

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