Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What is Halloween to me Besides the Wonderful Costumes and Candy?

What is Halloween to me besides the wonderful costumes and candy?

First let me say as I have before that I walk a fine line between Christianity and Paganism these days that makes me acceptable to neither.

Regardless All Hallows Eve is both a remembering of the Saints who have attained the beatific vision in Heaven and Samhain,the beginning of the darker days of the year.

In a kind of magical way this is a day to remember all the Saints of the Unknown Father who have departed to go up to one of the heaven's whatever religion they might come from through the Aeon Christos and to commemorate the beginning of the death of the year.

Like the Death card coming up in a Tarot reading though the death of the year is NOT a sign of end but a sign of new beginnings as fall then winter will give way to Spring and rebirth!

Its a time for deep transformation and remembering those who have transformed before us!

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