Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's PPF Reading


I was overwhelmed by information and unable to make a decision. This is a common problem for me.
 My mind is so full of trivia ,Ive theoretically won thousands watching Jeopardy, and that can lead to too many variables. Confusion was easy to come by.
 Finding my center is what I must always do and by that I mean remembering my core values and making a decision based off of where they point me. If I don't I make poor choices.


 I feel that my creativity is being stifled by my circumstances. I know its not the fault of those around me though,its my inability to prioritize and do what I most value.
 Beyond that on an even more meaningful level the card is reminding me that I feel isolated. That is in large part due to my mental illness and the inability to trust that is a result of it but I think what God is saying is now is the time to begin to put some plans to socialize more into action. A first step into a bigger world is what I may most need right now.
 Its very interesting that I drew a card with a prominent pumpkin so close to Halloween. That may have some deeper significance I am not aware of as of yet.


 I have encountered the Hierophant a couple times lately. To me the card signifies that I will need to accept the situation as it is and at least pay lip service to tradition and institutional norms.
 It may also ,when taking all three cards into account, mean that my indecision about whether or not to join a certain local non-dogmatic church to gain a community and the opportunity to socialize will finally come to an end and I will join.
 Of course I always find looking back that the future card never means quite what I think at the time I drew it. Usually its much more specific than I imagined.
  I should probably just be on the look out for a person or institution with religious or governmental authority and follow their traditions to have a good outcome in whatever it is I will face. That's the wisest course according to the cards.

Praise the One,the Infinite Light, the Unknow Father of All! Amen.

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