Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Unity of Opposites

"The One is the all."
I use to think I had a fractured personality but I know now that the illness is in thinking that the shadow and the light are separate.

There can be no light without darkness.

They must merge,there must be an alchemical transmutation.

We are flux and we are constant. We do good and bad and we are both. We regress and progress and are always doing both.

We are a unity of opposites or else we are completely broken.

"Light and darkness, life and death, right and left are mutually dependent; it is impossible for them to separate. Accordingly the 'good' are not good, the 'bad' are not bad, 'life' is not life, 'death' is not death."

-Gospel of Philip

"What am I telling you?
All at once the living die.
How do they live in illusion?
The rich become poor,
kings are overthrown,
everything changes.
The world is illusion."

-The Treatise on Resurrection

The illusion (or in my case delusion) of multiplicity shall completely vanish once I come to KNOW the true reality.

The very moment the black head of the snake eats his white tail individuation and eternity has come.

We are all part of the One,All things emanate from the One but I only believe that now. I will KNOW it one day through experience with the help of Chri
stos and Sophia.

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