Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Quick Word on Moral Laws

I think that if we do good because we fear the wrath of a god or if we do good solely to obey a god's law than we are not really good.

I don't put much stock in mosaic laws including the ten commandments and not just because the demiurge is not my father.

  What I do put stock in and hope to accomplish is the raising of my consciousness to a level where I do good without thinking about law or wrath or anything at all.

I think an entirely unconscious predilection to do the right thing is the state of being a truly good person.

It comes not from fear of divine punishment or a desire to be a spiritual slave but rather from an inner peace that radiates an outward love.

I do not claim to be anywhere near that level but I do feel that I have gotten better and will continue too so long as I stay on the path of the Fool's journey!

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