Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am the Walrus

 Zen Koans and contradictory Gnostic statements like those found in "The Thunder,Perfect Mind" try to knock us out of our linear naturalistic thinking and if they do we at least temporarily reach a higher state of consciousness.

Absurdities found in Discordianism might also serve a similar function.

Paradoxical statements (and possibly absurdism) offer a way to get a glimpse of God for He* is incomprehensible.

On the Fool's journey the blind  fool slowly becomes the Holy Fool. The Holy fool ,a mystic who has reached a high level of union with God which I personally equate with a higher level of consciousness, often speaks in paradoxes that the uninitiated consider foolish.

 We Gnostics give God titles and describe his lower emanations but we can not comprehend the Unknown Father. At best we can call him the light and describe his many gifts to us like love,mercy,happiness, and knowledge but none of these things are the Unknown Father.

We recognize that if we describe him and give him a name we limit him and our God is beyond limits.

 Our feeble material minds don't have the power to comprehend these things rationally but the wonder of our religion is that we can reach higher states of consciousness and experience him by listening to our Divine Spark within!

Try reading and mediating on some of these works yourself:

"The Thunder,Perfect Mind"

99 Zen Koans

Discordian Quotes

Now maybe I'm wrong about all this but if I am then I'm right!

*Remember that even the male descriptions that we give our God such as "he","father",and "him" are merely titles. God is beyond sex. The ancient Gnostics described "him" as androgynous for this reason.

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