Sunday, November 18, 2012

We are Strangers

Each of our spirits is a pure spark of Divine consciousness and of the same essence as the God of All.

We are not merely animals or minds.

We are strangers in a strange land.

God can not be whole while we remain trapped in the illusion of material reality so He calls to us. He calls always in our dreams and imaginings. He calls and we only need learn how to listen to hear His Holy Voice.

Do not be discouraged by past or even present misdeeds. According to the secret revelation of St.John the God of All,the Monad,the One,the Unknown Father,the Pleroma,the Light freely gives mercy and love. He is not these things but he freely gives them.

As we are engulfed in the darkness of ignorance the Light does not judge. He is forever calling us home like the father who when he saw his son coming from afar prepared a great feast and welcomed his return with open arms even though the son had stolen from him.

Our God is not a god of second chances. Hes a God of infinite chances until we get it right!

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