Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Vision of the Light

Its been a few days so I shall try to retell it as best as I can but some of the glory may be lost.

There I was sat listening to music,it might have been "Within you without you," and as I sat I put my face down and let my mind go.

I was transported to the sky beyond the planets to a place that seemed to be only blanketed with far off stars and otherwise darkness.

 As I flew I began to change. How I can not say ,sometimes this vision was first person sometimes third, but at that moment I was seeing it all through my own eyes and I changed into a billion strands of blue white light like lightening or plasma.

Then it opened.

The blackness opened on both sides like it was a bubble of darkness being stabbed by an invisible finger of light.

It opened and on the other side of this door was white light. Pure white light.

I flew into it now out of this universe of forms into a light space beyond time and matter.

There seemed to be no floor or walls or roof in this place just pure bright whiteness yet I put my blue-white light strands on the solid air and transformed back into the semblance of the man I use to be.

There directly in front of me was a giant pillar of that same kind of manic electric light and I somehow knew that I was standing before the God of all sitting on his throne.

At that moment even though I seemed to be able to see through the light strands of the Unknown Fathers throne from behind the right hand side a man appeared and came towards me. His skin was as white as the snow as was his hair and he seemed naked.

Then I knew.

I knew it was Jesus himself and I saw him as he is depicted by man. With a beard and olive skin wearing a robe and sandals.

He opened his arms and I ran forward and hugged him. He returned the embrace and I cried.

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