Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jesus Christ's Religion is Big Enoguh for All of Us

The absolute legitimacy of the new testament canon is highly questionable from a historical perspective. There were MANY ideas about exactly who Jesus was and what he claimed at the very beginning of the religion in the 1st century.

To deny that is to deny reality.

Believe what you like but don't assume you know the whole truth. I certainly don't.

Only a blind fool has absolute certainty regarding such things because
to much time has passed with far to many distortions for the historic Jesus Christ to be knowable.

The truth is the Orthodox Jesus is based as much on myth as the Gnostic Jesus.

Accept that and move on.

Realize though that that is no basis for loosing ones faith but it is a good justification for being open minded and allowing for a big tent Christianity that accepts seemingly unusual doctrines as legitimate expressions of our noble tradition.

Jesus Christ's religion is big enough for all of us!

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