Friday, November 16, 2012


We have to stop denying that we are fools
otherwise we will remain spiritually dead.
I hated Gnosticism once.

Why did I hate it?

I can't say really outside of a general sense from my conservative christian upbringing that such things were evil.

 How could there be other books of the bible? How could I believe such heresy?

I didn't even ask myself these questions. I just ignored or made fun of it.

I made fun of what I did not understand and never tried to learn.

That is called ignorance my friends. Willful ignorance.

In fairness to myself let me add that I was so propagandized to believe that anything different, anything with even the veneer of "paganism" must be evil and the work of satan.

In other words I was afraid.

I was a blind fool because I was afraid to know.

Not unlike Adam in the garden of Eden I wanted to remain in a perfect prison of ignorance forever but my better nature convinced me to eat the fruit and my eyes were opened.

After an existential crisis no doubt caused by Holy Wisdom herself I began to detest jehovah but I still loved Jesus so I searched through christian history and found Marcions work. Then finally I came to Gnosticism only this time I actually read and meditated on what the ancient "heretical" church fathers had to say.

My life has never been the same since.

We all let the ego get the better of us much to often. We fight,we argue, we think ourselves wise but the truth is such things are the way of the fool,the blind fool.

Only when we realize we are fools,when we come to understand that we don't understand,when we open our mind to things we once thought wrong will the light be able to get in.

However it is comforting to know that we all start out as blind fools when we first make our way on the fools journey towards the Crown.

You and I are not alone.

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