Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Universe is Illusionary

I maybe getting into psuedoscience here but its an interesting way to look at reality and backed up by all the great mystical traditions so humor me.

Everything we see all around us is energy.

Energy = Mass x the Speed of Light.

More than that everything all around us is connected.

When we die our consciousness does not end but goes on and hopefully becomes part of the One. Energy CAN NOT be destroyed,it can only change.

If we do not unite with the Oneness permanently we merely transforms into another life form back on the Wheel.

According to the Kybalion matter is only spirit or energy at a lower ALMOST stagnant vibration. As we attain higher levels of consciousness we vibrate at higher and higher frequencies. At the highest frequency,lets say the speed of light, we become pure energy,pure spirit.

All of reality as we see it is only illusion,the universe is but a hologram.

The realm of light,the Pleroma,the Divine Oneness,Heaven is all around us right now in this the eternal moment!

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