Sunday, December 9, 2012

How Many Angels can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

My father relayed a recent incident at his church to me which is interesting.

He is a pentecostal and it is quite common for pentecostals to randomly come up to you,lay their hands on your shoulders,and pray for you.

Now one of the deacons got it into his head that laying your hands on the pastor to pray was wrong and the pastor tended to agree.

So last Sunday a churchless pentecostal was invited to my fathers church and when it was time for all those to come up and pray for the pastor who wished too this man did and put his hands on the pastors shoulders. Then the deacon in question stormed up and forcefully removed his hands from the pastor.

Needless to say this caused the visitor to feel unwelcome and a bit angry. I doubt he will come back.

Now the main interest to me in this is why do churches do such things?

Shall we alienate everyone who doesn't act in a certain way at a certain time because we deem it to be inappropriate based on our own limited understanding?

As I hear it the deacon didn't like this because a member of the church use to lay  her hands on people to pray all the time and later she was exorcised.

Really? Regardless of whether demon possession exists or not is putting on the hands and praying a sign of possession? I personally think if someone were truly demon possessed we'd know it,it would be impossible not to see and they would certainly never pray for anyone.

This all sounds like superstition in the worst possible way to me and I am reminded of a heated medieval theological debate,

"How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

I am certainly not perfect but I try my utmost never to squabble over such meaningless little things anymore. I have no right to judge but this little story is just so ridiculous to me.

Could this kind of conduct perhaps have something to do with the fact that most mainstream Christians look everywhere for the second coming of Christ except within themselves?

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